Submissions for both The Challenge and the Misty Flicks Film Festival 2024 are open!

Youth Filmmakers

Young Filmmakers Workshop

Te Awamutu 17th - 19th July 2024

For kids aged 13 to 17

Ready to dive into the world of filmmaking? Team up with professional filmmakers to unlock the secrets of movie magic!

Get the inside scoop on scouting locations, crafting costumes,  movie scripts, stepping into character, calling the shots as a director, mastering camera techniques, painting scenes with light, and ensuring crystal-clear audio with sound engineering.

Then, it's time to roll up your sleeves and collaborate on crafting a short film together! Every participant will have the opportunity to roll the camera, set up lighting, give direction, or fine-tune sound quality. And if you've got the acting bug, there's a spot for you on screen too!

Finally, get ready to shine as we showcase our cinematic masterpiece at the illustrious Regent Theatre in Te Awamutu.

4 days: Days 1 and 2: a 2 to 3 hour session, Day 3: an all day filming session and Day 4: a premiere at the Misty Flicks Film Festival held at the Regent Theatre.

How Many kids in each workshop? 
8 to 12.

17 to 19 July 2024

Te Awamutu

Contact Pamela Kaval at for more information or to register interest

What is the Misty Flicks Youth Strategy?

What is the Misty Flicks Youth Strategy?

Misty Flicks encourages youth from the ages 10-17 to become more involved in making films. This is conducted in several ways.

  1. We will have at least one activity at the Misty Flicks Film Festival that is designed specifically for kids 10 to 17 to participate in. This will differ from year to year and may include, but is not limited to, creating fake bloody wounds for special effects, learning how to bandage people with “fake” injuries, or green screen activities. 

  2. We will have workshops during the school holidays specifically for youth to teach them the principles of filmmaking through an active multi-day workshop where they will be involved in making a short film from start to finish.

  3. We will have special screenings of youth films mid-way through the year and at the Misty Flicks Film Festival with youth awards and certificates.

What are the Misty Flicks Youth Workshops?

Our multi-day youth workshops, conducted during school holidays, provide a  platform for children to immerse themselves in the world of filmmaking. Through interactive sessions, participants actively engage in every aspect of crafting a short film, from initial concept to final execution.

Under the guidance of industry professionals, young filmmakers delve into the nuances of writing, acting, directing, set design, location scouting, makeup artistry, sound, lights, and cinematography. Throughout their journey, they receive expert mentorship from professionals such as editors, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, sound recordists, producers and gaffers nurturing their passion and helping them discover their preferred roles within the filmmaking process.

We offer two distinct phases of workshops:

Tier 1 (Ages 10-12): Youth participants are introduced to the entire filmmaking process under the guidance of industry professionals, culminating in the completion of a short film. They receive support from professional filmmakers including editors, screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, sound recordists, producers and gaffers to bring the film to fruition.

Tier 2 (Ages 13-17): Building upon the foundations laid in Tier 1, older participants are encouraged to take on greater responsibility in the filmmaking process. Under the mentorship of film professionals, they have the opportunity to focus on 1-2 specific roles such as writing, editing, cinematography, lighting, sound, set design, or makeup, allowing them to deepen their skills and explore their interests further, resulting in the creation of a completed short film.

For this Waipa Creative Community Scheme funding application, we intend to complete a 4 day workshop in Waipa (with the script based on a Waipa location) for Tier 2 ages.

What are the Misty Flicks Youth Screenings?

We host two designated youth screenings annually:

  1. Mid-Year Showcase: Held at the Lido Cinema  in Hamilton or the Regent Theatre in Te Awamutu; this screening occurs halfway through the year and serves as a showcase for projects completed during the summer holidays.

  2. Youth Festival: Presented as a dedicated section within the Misty Flicks Film Festival in November each year at The Regent Te Awamutu. Entries comprise projects from our youth workshops conducted throughout the year. Additionally, we welcome submissions from external entrants of the same age, provided they adhere to the festival criteria.

Criteria for Youth Festival Screening:

  • Must have at least 4 key crew and/or cast between the ages of 10-17.

  • Films must be G or PG rated

  • Environmental themes are encouraged


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