Submissions for both The Challenge and the Misty Flicks Film Festival 2024 are open!


Can anyone enter the Misty Flicks Challenge?
Yes, as long as they're New Zealand filmmakers and meet the eligibility criteria.

Are there genre restrictions for the films?
No genre restrictions as long as the film is G or PG-rated.

What is the Misty Flicks Challenge splash screen?
It's a branded intro screen that must be included in your film, serving as a recognition of your participation in the challenge.

Why does our film have to include a character named "Volt"?
It's a unique element for the 2024 challenge that adds a creative twist and unifies the competition's entries.

What if my film is not selected as a finalist?
We encourage filmmakers to seek other festivals after the Misty Flicks Film Festival. Participation itself is a significant achievement and learning experience.

How will the films be judged?
Films will be judged based on creativity, adherence to the commandments, technical skills, and storytelling.

Is the entry fee refundable? 
No, the entry fee is non-refundable and contributes to the administration and organisation of the festival.


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