1) Films must be “Waikato-made”. This means either fully or partially filmed in the Waikato, NZ region, or cast and crew features Waikato talent. (Evidence of this may be requested).

2) Submitted films can be completed from any year, as long as it is available on the required formats to screen and has not screened at MistyFlicks previously.

3) Films can have screened at other film festivals. MistyFlicks encourages you to display your success on the night by listing the film festivals your films has attended and any other accolades cast or crew have.

4) MistyFlicks has the right to withdraw any film from certain venues if it is inappropriate for the audience for any reason.

5) Once selected films can be submitted by DCP or mov file. Please submit with a low resolution link to the film.

6) By submitting to MistyFlicks you are permitting the use of your film to be used at any MistyFlicks event or promotion.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted you will be sent an email to inform you of the outcome of your submission. 

If you are selected you may be asked for a trailer, poster, headshot, a filmed interview, and other means of promoting the event and your film at the event.

You will receive a complimentary ticket. Complimentary ticket/s and cheaper rate tickets may vary from year to year.

MistyFlicks may use your film at other promotional events within the region. We will do our best to notify you and give you complimentary attendance to these events.