Our Team

L.R. Rod Petsef, Constanze Dartsch, Kelly Fritz & Paige Larianova

Paige Larianova
Communications & Engagement

Paige advocates for growing the film sector in the Waikato region, having founded Waikato Film Hub Trust, Waikato Screen NZ and Misty Flicks Short Film Showcase. Paige is a Director and Assistant Director herself, and a novice producer.

Rod Petsef
Marketing & Sponsorships

Writing about yourself is hard. It’s okay Rod, take your time. :)

Kelly Fritz
Festival Coordinator & Marketing

Kelly is an expat from Kentucky, USA and has been a visual storyteller since recieving a Handycam at age thirteen. After her 2018 arrival in the Waikato, she quickly embraced the film community through filmmaking and involvement with Waikato Film Hub events. She thrives in a creative team as a writer, assistant director, editor, or frankly any role she can be of use in and learn from.

Constanze Dartsch
Graphic Designer & Marketing

Constanze is our passionate Graphic Designer from Germany. She has been in the industry for over a decade and she knows what she is doing. After a few years of living abroad she made her way over from Australia to live in beautiful Aotearoa. If you are wondering how she ended up in the Waikato and with MistyFlicks? To be honest there were some freaky forces at play. Ask her next at the next MistyFlicks screening!