MistyFlicks 2018 Lineup

Serve & Protect

Telling the story of loveable but odd rural policeman Darryl Kitchen as he chases down a sneaky bandit, Serve & Protect is just one of many short films produced by dynamic filmmaking duo Ben Woollen (Director) and Scott Granville (Producer) – also known as Chasing Time Productions. 

Ben and Scott worked with a cast and crew from Hamilton to create this comedic film in 2013, which has since screened at 13 international film festivals and won two audience choice awards.

Stick to Your Gun

Combining five different genres in one short film might be a challenge for some, but Writer, Director and Animator Joe Hitchcock pulls it off with Stick to Your Gun. The film tells the story of a gun-loving woman who aspires to cook breakfast for the man handcuffed to her bed, but first she has to stop a wild chicken from destroying everything.

Since being filmed in Joe’s Pukekohe house and basement with an Auckland cast and Waikato crew, Stick to Your Gun has enjoyed success at 19 film festivals worldwide.

The Anniversary

Created by Hamilton husband and wife duo Mary Rinaldi and Sash Rinaldi, The Anniversary is a 2016 dramatic film about connection and hope in the face of grief. 

Both Mary and Sash worked together to write, direct, produce and act in this short film, which has since screened at three film festivals in New Zealand and Los Angeles. In 2017,The Anniversary gained awards for Best Film and Best Actress, as well as the Te Tohu Auahatanga Māori Award for outstanding Māori creativity in film.

Only Humane

Only Humane comes to Misty Flicks from filmmaking team Chris Hanlon (Producer) and Adam Harvey (Director/Writer). This 2016 comedy-drama tells the story of a rural vet who, fed up with continually putting animals to sleep, accidentally runs over a dog and starts a chain of events that challenges his skills and gives him a chance to prove he’s more than just an angel of death.

The past two years have seen this film screen at film festivals in Te Aroha, New Zealand; Landsberg, Germany; and Nevada, USA, where it won Best Drama and the Audience Favourite Award. 

You Only Die Forever

Adam Harvey and Sash Nixon combined forces in 2014 to bring You Only Die Forever to the big screen. The film tells the story of two secret agents who must join forces and journey to the edge of reality in order to save their world.

Continuing with the theme of collaboration, Adam and Sash worked together to co-write and co-direct this action homage alongside a cast and crew from Hamilton. This home-grown film was a finalist at Tropfest NZ 2014 and was awarded Best Visual Effects – not bad for a $300 budget!


The result of a 2015 collaboration between Dan Inglis (Co-producer, Director, Animator and Editor) and Jeremy Mayall (Co-producer and Composer), L.O.Q.Shun is an experimental digital collage film that explores the ideas of communication and comprehension. 

Without a set budget these two Hamilton-based filmmakers turned a 19th century elocution manual into a 21stcentury short film success, as L.O.Q.Shun went on to screen at several events around New Zealand, and at an international video art and experimental films event in London. The film was also featured on an episode of DELETE TV that broadcast in Europe, the United States and Australia.

Cavalcade – ‘Dead in the Water’

Adding something musical to the Misty Flicks mix, Dave Murray directed this music video in 2016 for Northland band Cavalcade, with a crew of Waikato talent. Dave is a music video director who works out of Hamilton and has directed videos for the likes of Avalanche City, Mikey Mayz, Armed in Advance and The Heart of Katherine. 

Natalia Rising

The creation of Director Floris Van Gaalen, Natalia Rising tells the story of a girl who, after making a fool of herself in front of a cashier, attempts to redeem herself by staging a heist in which she will pretend to save the day. However, things go wrong when the criminals she hires have other ideas.

Natalia Rising was filmed in 2016 with a cast and crew predominantly from the Waikato – with surprise star Kimberley Crossman – and screened at Tropfest New Zealand.

The Dairy Diaries: Daniel’s Entry

Brought to you by Ashton Ledger (Co-writer, Director, Producer and Editor), The Dairy Diaries: Daniel’s Entry is set in Taihape, a small rural community in the North Island of New Zealand. The story focuses on Daniel Woodworth, a determined teenage boy who goes behind his mother’s back to train in the hope of succeeding his later father as New Zealand’s champion gumboot thrower and saving their family-owned and operated dairy from permanent closure.

Made with a $1000 budget, this Waikato film enjoyed success at Tropfest New Zealand in 2016. 

The Journey

We’re going old school with  a screening of 2004 cult comedy The Journey, co-written and directed by Te Radar.

Te Radar lived in the Waikato for the first 20 years of his life and attended Hamilton Boys’ High School. His winning entry into the 2004 48 Hour Film Festival was required to have a character called Jesse McCloud, a prop of ice, and be of religious genre. Keep an eye out for these elements as you enjoy his humour and directing style before he hit the big time. 

Break in the Weather

When is it right to forgive? 2016 film Break in the Weather, brought to you by Alexander Gandar (Producer) and Aidee Walker (Director), discusses betrayal, forgiveness and how one huge event in the protagonist’s life has left a lasting and seemingly insurmountable impact. 

Made with a budget of $30,000, this dramatic short film was shot in Hamilton and features crew from Hamilton and Auckland. Since 2016 it has been shown at Show Me Shorts New Zealand and at the San Jose International Film Festival.

Suspended Generation

The children of Kiribati are facing the harsh realities of climate change more than anyone else on Earth. Joe Hitchcock (Director and Director of Photography), Andrea Egan (Director)  and Jeremy Mayall (Composer) asked them to tell us about it, in their words.

This 2018 documentary was filmed on Tarawa Island in the Republic of Kiribati, with sound mixing and post production completed in Hamilton. This story was deserving of a $3,000 grant from The Wireless, with another $10,000 self-financed by the driven film- and music-makers.

Daredevil: Bad Blood

A true fan-made action film with incredible stunts, Daredevil: Bad Blood was created by Waikato-based Director and Producer Ben Corcoran. The film tells the story of the hero Daredevil who must learn that he is not alone in his fight against evil, and was brought to life in 2015 with a cast and crew from Hamilton.

Daredevil: Bad Blood screened at the 2015 Armageddon event and joins a long line-up of fan films created by Ben and other New Zealand filmmakers.