MistyFlicks 2021 Lineup

Glass Shards

Director & Writer: Kyle Barrett  
Key Cast: Oliver Stewart

[Director Statement] Glass Shards was never meant to happen, but here it is: A short documentary about one of the most singular performance artists/musicians working in Aotearoa today. I first saw Oliver perform at Kirikiriroa’s annual “Circle Jerk” (no, not that kind of event - it’s a music concert where local bands cover each other’s songs). He stood out. He was distinctive. How did he do it? It lingered for a long time. The film is a snippet of Glass Shards, a little look at one of Aotearoa’s finest. There are more stories to tell but this is the start.

Worthy of Thee

Director: Dulith Anthony  
Writer: Sasha Morgan
Key Cast: Vanessa Riddell, Michael Hurst, Linus Gilbert

A short war drama set in the 1940s, following the story of a doting mother and relentless father (Mr. & Mrs. Walker) held in suspense by news about their son Peter; a soldier in the New Zealand Army fighting the Battle of Crete | World War II.

Mr Walker’s unwavering expectations of manhood and courage impede on Mrs Walker's actions to bring their son's best friend home from the War, after hundreds of NZ troops are forced to evacuate. The consequences of Mr. Walker's shallow pride proves no avail, as an unexpected twist leave the Walkers shell shocked.

From Shadow

Director & Writer: Ryan Jackson  
Key Cast: Samuel Haynes, Laura Thavat, Graham Lauder

A short thriller about a mountain town with a dark secret...

Austin 7

Director Ash Montgomery 
Key Cast Graeme Luxford

The story of a vintage car owner’s involvement with the timeless Austin 7 throughout his life.


Director & Writer: Paige Larianova  
Key Cast: Joanna Bishop, Derek Neal, Laurie Hayes

Blink follows the story of Sally, a one-time could-have-been champion in a highly illegal, underground competition. Beaten, washed-up, and tossed aside, Sally’s days of glory appear to be behind her. Now she spends her nights waiting tables in one of the most illicit clubs in town: Randy’s Place. Where the competitors are rough, and the clientele rougher. But in this place, on this night, anything can happen, and things can change in the blink of an eye.

Drink Up, You’re Next

Director & Writer: Nathan Higgins  
Key Cast: John Turner, Phillip Garrity, Josiah Joyce

Drink Up, You're Next is a short drama about the negative cultural impacts of binge-drinking in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Ode to a Helical Nucleocapsid

Written by Adam Harvey, Voiced by Tony Smith
Images by Dawn Tuffrey, Music by Tim Grogan

Animated poem from the point of view of the Covid-19 virus. 

Short collaborative video project made for Transmission: The Distance Between Us Matters- a Covid-19 lockdown project. 

This is one of 30 short films made in this way for this project.

The Hitchhiker

Director & Writer Arun Jacob  
Key Cast Anjana Vijayadas, Nishant Thakur, Brejesh Umashankar, Nathan Joseph

Arun Jacob is the Founder & Director of one of the leading education and migration companies based in New Zealand. Inspired by his own journey of moving abroad and settling in New Zealand, Arun started AJV Global with the purpose to create an honest and transparent immigration company.

His short film The Hitchhiker won Hamilton’s best film and best director awards for him in the 48 Hours NZ Film Making Challenge 2021, besides various other awards. He is working on his second short currently and aspires to make a feature film sometime soon.

Dennis from Work

Written by Scott Granville, Images by Adam Harvey 
Voiced by Jason Marsden, Music by Bryan Levay

An office drone broods about his colleagues whilst working from home during lockdown. 

Short collaborative video project made for Transmission: The Distance Between Us Matters- a Covid-19 lockdown project. 

This is one of 30 short films made in this way for this project.

Be Quiet

Director & Writer: Gary Davies  
Key Cast: Iisha Harris, Marlo MacDonald

A young girl is woken in the night by her brother, who believes something is in the house with them.