MistyFlicks 2020 Lineup

“An eclectic grouping, ranging from the experimental and the avant-garde to the broad and the humorous.” - Richard Swainson

Anna Hawkin - What Child Is This

Known for her expressive vocals and moving interpretations New Zealand songstress Anna Hawkins crosses the great divides of classical, folk and popular music. 

"Irresistible - a beautiful voice that can move you to tears... Completely unpretentious yet totally rich." - NZ Musician Magazine

Let us visit eternity for the road is made of water

Directed by Sebastian J. Lowe
Key Cast: Russell G. Shaw | Sound design: Alistair Fraser 

We ask you to lean into the images in front of you to observe ‘Glitch’ wayfaring through the landscape. The storytelling is left up to you, the viewer, as you imbue your corporeal experiences onto the character: you step amongst the trees, feel the warmth of the light on your skin, journey across the valley and let the sounds guide your own narrative(s). With the found sounds and images in front of you, allow your imagination to create your own found story.

The Social Lives of Grass

Directed by Dr. Jeremy Mayall & Sebastian J. Lowe

As we move through the world, our perceptions change and sounds as we know them are fleeting. If we take the time to consciously listen to what is going around us, we are able to strengthen our understanding of what it means to be part of our shared world.

Te Ao Nui O Ngā Hue - The Wide World of the Gourd

Directed by Sebastian J. Lowe | Key Cast: Russell G. Shaw
Sound design: Alistair Fraser.

A short experimental film completed in 2016. It explores how taonga pūoro practitioners (traditional Māori instruments) come into dialogue with the voices of the atua, or the multiple deities. This project was made in collaboration with Alistair Fraser and Russell G. Shaw, as part of a wider research project on musical composition and perception with taonga pūoro in Aotearoa/New Zealand (2016). An earlier version of this film was screened at the Berlin Experimental Film Festival in December, 2016.

Noel Sweetman - Luthier

Directed by Sebastian J. Lowe

This short documentary film is centred on a remarkable New Zealand luthier, Noel Sweetman, who describes why and how he began making violins, violas, and cellos from the 1980s. The film shows Noel in his workshop in his home atop an ancient volcano in the Waikato region as he explains his philosophy and relationships with the instruments he makes, the landscape around him, and, critically, with the players who use them

Extra Time

Directed by Joel Corbett | Written by Denise Edmonds
Key Cast: Donovan Bixley, Angela Alexander, Lindsey Seaton

While watching the finals of the rugby World Cup, emotions erupt for Jeremy and Lisa when they discover the trash hasn't been taken out. Will time travel remedy the situation?

The Tinkerer's Teleporter

Directed and written by Ash Montgomery
Key Cast: Clive Lambdin, David Lumsden

An old inventor creates and tests a teleporter in his shed, helped by his friend.


Directed by Peter Young | Written by Peter Young & Chris Kent
Key Cast: Chris Kent & Tere Vickridge

A guy on his way to a date gets stopped by a mysterious road worker. 

Won best editing in "Taupo Halloween film festival" 2018 Selected for "Thriller! Chiller!" film competition, USA, 2018

Bloody Late Shift

Directed & written by Adam Harvey
Key Cast: Mary Rinaldi, Sash Rinaldi, Joanna Bishop, Jessica Hannam

On a routine night treating unpleasant people, an Emergency Room doctor becomes wary of a polite patient.


Directed & written by Ben Williams
Key Cast: Steven Logan Costume, Set & Make up: Oshara Ardelean

As they wander across the post-apocalyptic wasteland of New Zealand, our main protagonist recollects the alternate history of New Zealand’s 5 cent coin and dreams of a world where it never came back. In an alternate world where the 5 cent coin was brought back during the recession of 2008, we will take you on a quick 3-minute journey that jokingly questions if life in the kiwi wasteland is better off without traffic and rising house prices.


Directed by Caleb & Gael Murray
Written by Caleb & Eden Murray
Key Cast: Caleb Murray, Jade Murray, Eden Murray