Worthy of Thee

Director: Dulith Anthony  
Writer: Sasha Morgan
Production Company: Coffee Bean Productions
Producer: Lance Loughlin
Key Cast: Vanessa Riddell, Michael Hurst, Linus Gilbert
Child Actors: Rhys Gibberd, Josiah Joyce, Jake Hayward
Genres: Short, War
Runtime: 16 minutes 15 seconds
Completion Date: June 19, 2021
Production Budget: 8,096 NZD
Country of Origin: New Zealand

It’s 1940, WWII; an NZ soldier’s parents receive a letter from their son, evacuated from the Battle of Crete, teaching them hard lessons about the different forms of courage.

A short war drama set in the 1940s, following the story of a doting mother and relentless father (Mr. & Mrs. Walker) held in suspense by news about their son Peter; a soldier in the New Zealand Army fighting the Battle of Crete | World War II.

Mr Walker’s unwavering expectations of manhood and courage impede on Mrs Walker's actions to bring their son's best friend home from the War, after hundreds of NZ troops are forced to evacuate. The consequences of Mr. Walker's shallow pride proves no avail, as an unexpected twist leave the Walkers shell shocked.

Connection to Waikato

Locations: A farmer's property in Pukemoremore and at Lake Arapuni.

  • Sarah Price – Make-up/Hair Designer
  • Graham Lauder – Gaffer/Grip and general 'Handyman'
  • Matt Hicks – has produced a self-funded feature film
  • Gareth Hastie – Exec. Producer
  • Katy Brownlee – 2nd Assistant Camera
  • Phill Palmer – Production Co-ordinator
  • Rob Prendegrast -– Lighting Assist
  • Nathan Higgins – Continuity
  • Prashanth Gunasekeran – Locations

Dulith Anthony

Dulith (Duli) is currently a Production tutor at Yoobee Film and Screen Prod. College, starting his career as an Editor working his way up to camera and lighting department roles on-set. Over his time working in the NZ Film and TV Industry, he has had experience working on international Netflix productions such as: The Triangle pilot, Sweet Tooth, Shadow in the Cloud & Cowboy Bebop. Duli directed a 48-hour film challenge project that won the People’s Choice Award for its Heat for Auckland in 2019. ‘Worthy of Thee’ is his fifth NZ short film that he’s directed.

Director Statement

Worthy of Thee takes a closer look into the dynamics of patriarchal society and how expectations can be passed down through generations of family members in a toxic and destructive way, despite the 1940 setting and the discussion of mental health among males of all generations and backgrounds.

War and military service has historically had lasting effects on family relationships and parenting roles in our society, many people can attest to the implications of PTSD and the ramifications that resonate across multiple generations.

'Worthy of Thee' allows our audience a chance to develop empathy for the characters and leaves them with a lasting emotional connection. We are proud of the NZ history this story shapes, paying homage to the soldiers who battled in World War II, making for pivotal structure in the narrative.