Ode to a Helical Nucleocapsid

Written by Adam Harvey, Voiced by Tony Smith
Images by Dawn Tuffrey, Music by Tim Grogan

Producer: Scott Granville  
Genres: Animation, Experimental, Short
Runtime: 1 minute 5 seconds
Completion Date: April 19, 2020
Production Budget: 0 NZD
Country of Origin: New Zealand

Short collaborative video project made for Transmission: The Distance Between Us Matters- a Covid-19 lockdown project.
The writer had 24 hours to write something about the pandemic, no more than 300 words. It was then passed to the actor who had 24 hours to record the script, then the visual artist had 48 hours to provide images, and the composer then had 24hours to score the piece. Each contributer had no other contact with the others.
This is one of 30 short films made in this way for this project.

Connection to Waikato

Locations: Hamilton, Ohaupo
Crew: Dawn Tuffery, Adam Harvey, Scott Granville