Director & Writer: Paige Larianova  
Producer: Chris Williams
Production Company: Space Invader Film
Key Cast: Joanna Bishop, Derek Neal, Laurie Hayes, Graham Lauder, Phill Palmer
Genres: Comedy, Short
Runtime: 16 minutes 5 seconds
Completion Date: June 29, 2020
Production Budget: 4,000 NZD
Country of Origin: New Zealand

Blink follows the story of Sally, a one-time could-have-been champion in a highly illegal, underground competition. Beaten, washed-up, and tossed aside, Sally’s days of glory appear to be behind her. Now she spends her nights waiting tables in one of the most illicit clubs in town: Randy's Place. Where the competitors are rough, and the clientele rougher. But in this place, on this night, anything can happen, and things can change in the blink of an eye.

Connection to Waikato

Locations: Matangi

  • Paige Larianova – Director
  • Sara Guix – DOP
  • Adam Harvey – Editor
  • Gurvishal Sandhu – Score 
  • Jason Long – Sound design
  • Kelly Fritz  – 1st Assistant Director 

Paige Larianova

Paige is a writer, director and producer. She studied a communications degree in moving image at The Waikato Institute of Technology, in Hamilton New Zealand graduating in 2017 with honours.
Since then she launched a pilot comedy web series ‘Little Peter’ with actors Arno Minnema and Joanna Bishop, but with the tragic passing of Arno in 2017 the concept of this production came to a halt. Paige was Assistant Director of Photography for ‘Totem & Ore’, a feature length documentary connecting the nuclear issues in Australia with Japan, directed by filmmaker John Mandelberg. This award winning film screened at multiple venues including Hiroshima International Film Festival. Paige has worked as a director to Whitebait media for What Now segments and 90 Seconds for commercial content.
In 2018 Paige co-founded Space Invader Films with producer Chris Williams. ‘Blink’, the resulting short film is a comedy about Sally, a barmaid out for revenge in an illicit underground competition. It is currently being submitted on the film festival circuit.
Paige is known for her uncompromising devotion to quality, her ability to bring people together and collaborate, and her quirky sense of humour. She is firmly committed to the development and progression of the screen industry and is a regional ambassador for the Waikato region of New Zealand.